Air is the motive power being all things, pushing form and structure itself. With its transformative power, it allow both change and exchange—as well as communication. With its levity, its freedom and possibilities, Air balances the solemn weight of gravity.



air element

Motility • Transformation • Creativity •

Communication • Conception

Breath, pneuma, has always been considered synonymous with the life force, the élan vitale. All vibration, all frequency, is a phenomena of Air. Learning to control our emotions, thoughts, impulses and movements are part of the mastery of air, from child to wise elder.

The breath of life, the motive power of the body, the source of creativity,

Air Element World Icon


Air Element puts all the other elements in motion. It is the motive power of the stars, sky, sea and, slowly, land. It propels life in new and inventive directions. It is evolution, of the real kind, the creative impulse behind the giraffe's neck and Da Vinci's flying machine. The "winds of change" is meaningful, as Air means that even our solid material world is in flux and development.

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The circulation of blood, pumping of the heart, expansion of our lungs, the motility of the gut: All that moves is under the domain of Air. More than this, it enables the transfer of messages and signals from brain to cell, and back again. The creation of new tissues and organs is under its domain, as is the resourcefulness to adapt to the constant shifts, alterations and threats from a tumultuous, ever-changing world.

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Thought, emotion, and sensation are part of the intricate play of  mind, but the creative movement of all these parts is Air Element: mixing, inventing, discovering, adapting. Otherwise, ponderous mechanics holds sway and the genius of humanity can never be realized; Yet an excess means instability, disassociation, and lack of grounding.

Mastering the 5 Elements



  • 8 core meditations epitomize the healing tradition of the Five Elements, East & West.
  • These induce deep mind-body healing, cleansing and reinstalling our original powers.
  • Regular practice is life-changing.


Healing Others

  • Skilled in working with our own energies, we can learn to help others.
  • Methods to help discover and heal the 5 types of deficiencies and distortions.
  • Integrates with any form of health care.


Elemental Psychology

  • Psychology is reinvented to provide an accurate and useable map of the self.
  • We learn to directly work with creativity, inner strength, open heart, wisdom and rulership.
  • Gain a true understanding of self and others!


Teacher Training

  • For those who are motivated, and want to take their knowledge to the next level...
  • Advanced training and a personal thesis
  • Become authorized to teach 5 Element healing to benefit people all over the world.