Earth nourishes, protects, encircles. It is the foundation, the structure in which we move and breath. The matrix of form can be rigid, confining, claustrophobic, but also provides the ground from which all things grow and flourish.




Strength • Hierarchy •
• Enrichment • Structure •
Stability • Security •
In One's Place • Leadership
Generosity • Grounded

Earth rules—but it also serves. Everything is in its rightful place: Balance, harmony, even conformity. The rule of law and the rule of the totality. Not power over others, but empowering and enabling.

Earth Element World Icon


Earth Element is the basis of the world of form and structure that we inhabit. As such it is also the source of "enrichment," growth and an organized and secure life. As the foundation of living, working and thriving, if it is not fully integrated into your life, there can be failure, poverty, loss of status or of social value. Yet its excess means that freedom and possibility are too highly controlled and limited.

Earh Element Body Icon


The form of our body is a very sophisticated hierarchy of structures within structures, organized and coordinated with extraordinary precision. The matrix of connective tissue provides the framework of every living cell. But when Earth becomes deficient, this marvelous city of the body begins to decay and atrophy. When Earth is excessive, there is rigidity, restriction and contraction.

Earth Element Mind Icon


Earth Element is the inner Ruler, the force within our psyche that organizes, logically governs, and structures our psychological world. It provides a stable and practical base, and a sense of nourishing, enrichment. We are where we truly belong, with generosity towards others. But if disconnected, we feel impoverished and unstable. And the dark side of Ruler is miserliness, oppression, and self-centeredness.

Mastering the 5 Elements



  • 8 core meditations epitomize the healing tradition of the Five Elements, East & West.
  • These induce deep mind-body healing, cleansing and reinstalling our original powers.
  • Regular practice is life-changing.


Healing Others

  • Skilled in working with our own energies, we can learn to help others.
  • Methods to help discover and heal the 5 types of deficiencies and distortions.
  • Integrates with any form of health care.


Elemental Psychology

  • Psychology is reinvented to provide an accurate and useable map of the self.
  • We learn to directly work with creativity, inner strength, open heart, wisdom and rulership.
  • Gain a true understanding of self and others!


Teacher Training

  • For those who are motivated, and want to take their knowledge to the next level...
  • Advanced training and a personal thesis
  • Become authorized to teach 5 Element healing to benefit people all over the world.