Fire is the energizer, the flame of our metabolism, clarity of mind. It warms, heats, digests, purifies, and if unchecked, it destroys. Yet it elevates our world from primitive to electric fire, from cave to gleaming cities of light.



fire element

• Vitality • Metabolism •

• Energy • Clarity •

• Heat • Drive • Focus

Everything has purpose and direction, from stone to star. This is the driving force of Fire. And It is the fire of mind that drives us to the next milestone, and ifs its embers die, our motivation and purpose becomes lost to us.

The energy of cells, the drive of life, the will to succeed...

Earth Element Red Icon


Fire Element energizes our world, bringing warmth and vitality to cold Earth and Water. Fire, either as the solar sphere in the sky, or condensed into wood or oil, or as the core of molten flame at the center of the earth, is the spark of life. And humanity's ability to control fire has made science and art, as we know it, possible. Fire Element is also the great destroyer and purifier, bringing all form back to primal ash, to be renewed once again.

Fire Element Body Icon


Biological Fire Element burns brightly at the core of every cell, where we create the warmth that is the basis of our whole biochemical factory. Digestive fire makes it possible to break down other life forms and assimilate them, as well deconstruct old tissues and purify the toxins, viruses and other forces that destabilize life. Moreover, Fire is the directivity, the focus and drive built into every cell, organ, insect and human being.

Fire Element Mind Icon


The Fire of mind is our Warriorship, the heroic drive and motivation that pushes us to succeed and overcome all obstacles. In its five forms, the fiery warrior is the ambition of mind, whether it is the push to love more, have more, know more, accomplish more, or be more. In its pure form, this fearlessness and strength carries a sense of responsibility. In Loss, we feel powerless and weak. And in Shadow it can turn brutal and ruthless.

Mastering the 5 Elements



  • 8 core meditations epitomize the healing tradition of the Five Elements, East & West.
  • These induce deep mind-body healing, cleansing and reinstalling our original powers.
  • Regular practice changes our lives on all levels.


Healing Others

  • Skilled in working with our own energies, we can learn to help others.
  • Methods to help discover and heal the 5 types of deficiencies, excesses and distortions.
  • Integrates with any form of health care.


Elemental Psychology

  • Psychology is reinvented to provide an accurate and useable map of the self.
  • We learn to directly work with creativity, inner strength, open heart, wisdom and rulership.
  • Gain a true understanding of self and others!


Teacher Training

  • Once familiar with our own Elemental energies, we can learn how to help others.
  • Methods to help discover and heal the 5 types of deficiencies, excesses and distortions.
  • Integrates with any form of health care.