Space is more than a container, an empty vessel. It is the potential, the fertile ground from which phenomena arise; But it can become clouded, inaccessible. Then its integrative power can becomes chaos and lack of integration or harmony.


space element

• Integration • Hierarchy •

• Biological Intelligence •

Wholeness • Wisdom •

• Body Cavities • Memory • Genetics •

Healing Space allows us to re-access the wisdom of the body, the wisdom of nature. Space is the great integrator, the hub of the wheel of life. Through clearing and strengthening Space, the energy systems and hierarchies of the body-mind are made whole again."

Connecting all, harmonizing the elements,
hidden wisdom of body & mind.


Space is not just the "empty" container of our lives. It is the canvas on which the other elements are painted, a dynamic and powerful force that allows the integration and harmonization of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. In harmony with Earth, it provides the hierarchy and relationship between different qualities and energies. Space is the wise mediator, the "mother" of all phenomena.

Elements of the Body


The body has no "empty spaces," but one of the ways that Space expresses itself is in the cavities of body, such as the chest cavity, abdomen, skull, long bones and so on. This is where energy is condensed and stored; The more active the organ (heart for example), the greater the number of cavities that must enclose it. Space Element is the biological wisdom that oversees and coordinates all activity, with its complex sequences and hierarchy of needs.


At the center of the circular mandala of the 5 Elements, Space is like the "chairman of the board." As the arbitrator, it is the male or female sage, the Guru, that coordinates the multiple, often contradictory impulses of thoughts, emotions and drives arising from the rest of our psychological Elements. Providing both judgment and conscience, Space Element is also the hidden secret of memory and the continuity of our identity.

Mastering the 5 Elements



  • 8 core meditations epitomize the healing tradition of the Five Elements, East & West.
  • These induce deep mind-body healing, cleansing and reinstalling our original powers.
  • Regular practice is life-changing.


Healing Others

  • Skilled in working with our own energies, we can learn to help others.
  • Methods to help discover and heal the 5 types of deficiencies and distortions.
  • Integrates with any form of health care.


Elemental Psychology

  • Psychology is reinvented to provide an accurate and useable map of the self.
  • We learn to directly work with creativity, inner strength, open heart, wisdom and rulership.
  • Gain a true understanding of self and others!


Teacher Training

  • For those who are motivated, and want to take their knowledge to the next level...
  • Advanced training and a personal thesis
  • Become authorized to teach 5 Element healing to benefit people all over the world.