Water is synonymous with vitality, nourishment and life itself. Carrying seeds, humans and ideas, waterways are the fount of life, while rivers, lakes and oceans are the cradle of civilization. As long as its purity is respected, all is well. But If not, it defines the very nature of disease.


water energy field

Fluidity • Flow • Circulation

Nurturance • Sensitivity •

Connection • Intimacy •

Purification • Metabolism

Water is the connecting force that draws things together: ideas, people, places, emotions. It is the true universal force of attraction, as well as the universal solvent. Through water we can flow everywhere, and be related to everything. Or we can, dry and infertile, be separate and isolated.

flow of water. flow of thoughts. flow of time

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Water brings life to a barren world and imparts the fluidic, supple, flowing nature to form. It is the connecting force allowing things to relate, interact and to be attracted and repelled. Changeable, sensitive, and cleansing, its flowing nature brings beauty, vibrancy and purification. When deficient, there is a withering of the pliable life force, and when stagnant, a toxic and sickened ecology.


Water Element is the "universal solvent," where our inner alchemy happens, and which flows to nourish the entire body. Its mutability is a key to youthful and vibrant health. But when its force is diminished, our entire metabolism is dampened. And when it is excessive or distorted, we retain toxins, fluids and fat, a swamp ripe for inflammation and infection.

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Water Element allows connection and intimacy with things, phenomena and people. In its fullness it brings compassion, idealism and mental flow. Intuitive and sensitive, but like its aqueous counterpart, has a nurturing and life-giving strength. Disconnected from Water, there is a sense of isolation, doubt, and loss. Shadow Water is manipulative, possessive or co-dependent, a pretender to real power of mind and heart.

Mastering the 5 Elements



  • 8 core meditations epitomize the healing tradition of the Five Elements, East & West.
  • This deep mind-body healing, purifies and "reinstalls" our original constitutional health .
  • Regular practice brings permanent change.


Healing Others

  • Skilled in working with our own energies, we can learn to help others.
  • Methods to help discover and heal the 5 types of deficiencies and distortions.
  • Integrates with any form of health care.


Elemental Psychology

  • Psychology is reinvented to provide an accurate and useable map of the self.
  • Learn to directly work with creativity, inner strength, open heart, wisdom and rulership.
  • Gain a true understanding of self and others!


Teacher Training

  • For those who are motivated, and want to take their knowledge to the next level...
  • Advanced training and a personal thesis
  • Become authorized to teach 5 Element healing to benefit people all over the world.