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The Ancient Key to Living

an Empowered Life

  • There are 5 core causes of illness and suffering, 5 causes of dynamic health and an empowered, luminous mind
  • Element Energy Healing uses form, light and sound to change deep-seated imbalances and obstacles.
  • From the ancient wisdom of Tibet and India to the mystery schools of Pythagoras, 5 Element work is a focused, accurate yet gentle form of energy healing that works directly with the fundamental building blocks of body and mind.


After 40 years of bringing together the knowledge scattering across time and culture, using these methods, practicing them on others, and teacher in various venues, we are offering these profound teachings in a series of online training modules.


Level 1—Self-Healing

  • 8 core meditations of 5 Element Healing
  • Returning mindbody to original purity
  • Creates strength, power, clarity.

Level 2—Healing Others

  • Finding the core Elemental disruption
  • Working with toxicity, deficiency, excess. etc.
  • Sequence of Element rebuilding.

Level 3—Pentad Mind

  • Elemental Psychology: an elegant, accurate, practical understanding of human nature.
  • An accurate roadmap of the mind and heart
  • Integrates ancient knowledge of energy, spirit, meditation, sound and inner transformation

Level 4—Teacher Training

  • Requires completion of all previous Levels.
  • A sequence of special methods and practices
  • Live and in person training and interviews
  • Authorization and certification to teach various levels of 5 Element Energy Healing.

What Do The Elements Have To Do With Me?

The Five Element model is one of the oldest, most enduring ideas in the history of humanity, and for good reason! Even though we may not have learned about them before, they determine literally everything that goes on with our health, our well-being, our happiness, our success on all levels. After more than forty years of research and effort the ancient teachings from ancient Greece to Tibet, have now been fully integrated with Western psychology and bioenergy medicine....

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Vital Body

  • Health depends on life's 5 primary forces.
  • Illness is excess, deficiency or distortion of the 5.
  • Ancient methods of working directly with the Elements are a powerful, proven path to health.


Connected Spirit

  • Spiritual development means purifying the Elements into their Wisdom form.
  • This is the basis of the undying Rainbow Body.
  • Body, mind and and Ultimate Mind become united, and we can bring this into everyday life.


Empowered Mind

  • The Pentad Mind is the basis of all good qualities, —and also all suffering and negativity arise.
  • Elemental work is an elegant path to returning the mind to its original peace, clarity and power.


Transformed Life

  • 5 Element Healing impacts the outer world to shift, transform and respond differently.
  • The real path to success in career, relationships, and materiality is the harmonious balance of the Elements and how we express them.

Our Bodies, Minds, our world, is created and nourished by

five archetypal forces that emanate from formless consciousness

What Are These 5 Forces that Determine Our Fate?

Since the five elements are the basis of body, mind, people, relationships and events, there is a vast and deep body of knowledge related to the 5 elements. But even a basic understanding can transform our way of dealing with our health, our thoughts, our lives. Browse below for a basic introduction to a lifelong journey of wholeness.







How Can I Use Them to Heal Body & Mind?

The ways of working directly with the elements have been perfected over thousands of years, but these secrets have been hidden and unavailable. For the very first time these are open to a modern audience, in a powerful and immediately usable form that can be easily integrated into daily life.

What People Have to Say...

“Students are taught how to get to the root of the problems that rob us of our true essence. This has been a transforming experience.”
Becca, St. Louis, 2016

“Dr. Asa gave me an intuitive understanding of the 5 elements in everyday life. While the program was very informative, it was also fun and lighthearted.”
Dan, Minnesota, 2017

“Employing the timeless wisdom of the 5 Elements in harmony with modern science, Asa is a humorous and skillful teacher of this path of truly holistic health.”
Michael, Taos, 2017

“Dr. Asa showed an incredibly deep knowledge of the material, providing sources of his research and an authenticity of his words."
Anna, St. Louis, 2017

“His training aided me in reflecting on imbalances and creating inner harmony and calm; An enjoyable side-effect are the beautiful colorful lights from within, in meditation and dreamwork.”
Jeanette, Berlin, 2016

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