MODULE 2—Healing Others


The Core Methods of Elemental Therapy


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Once we have purified our own mindbody and increased our energy sensitivity, it is a natural progression to use the Elements  heal others. The ancient techniques taught in Module 2 are some of the most powerful and sophisticated healing methods ever developed. They can be used by themselves, but also enhance any other system or style of bodywork, energy work, meditation or mindfulness practice. They are a natural complement to yoga therapy, homeopathy, holistic nutrition, functional medicine, oriental medicine, Ayurveda and other mindbody approaches.


Module 2: Curriculum

We further refine our sensitivity to the nature of subtle energy. Then in the assessment phase, we learn to discover the location, nature and cause of disharmony and suffering, from an Elemental perspective. In the treatment phase of learning, we train in bringing the Elemental healing forces into play, supporting what is depleted, clearing out toxins within the bodyfield and balancing misplaced or distorted energies. Light, form, color, sound and movement all have a part to play in this dance of transformation, the science and art of the 5 Elements.


Part 1: Element Sensitivity

Awaken and increase energy awareness and sensitivity.
Receive elemental, physical and psychological information from the energy field.


Part 2: Element Assessment

Learn methods of energy scanning and interpretation
Discovering 5 element distortion fields
Learn the assessment sequence: Priority + Location + Element + Disturbance + Trauma
Formulating a treatment protocol and healing pathway.


Part 3: Element Therapy

Learn 7 core methods of 5-elemental therapy
Knowing the proper sequence of therapies
Understand limitations and expectations

1. Restoring

Using a combination of Element infusion + sound + mantra.

Revitalizing and restoring energy fields to their optimal state.

2. Clearing

Detoxification and clearing of negative energy imprints.

Includes environmental, biological and psychological toxins.

3. Balancing

Harmonizing the displacements of Elements from their natural abode.

Rebalancing forces that have been wrongly polarized or reversed.

4. Repair

Elemental weaving to repair tissue and energy fields.
Using Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space as organizing forces.

5. Invoke

Reconnecting to the spiritual aspect of the 5 Elements.
Assuring to the highest energies and healing forces.

6. Substances

Applying the 5 Element healing qualities of substances.
Understanding Elemental herbs, homeopathics, nutrients, diet, gems, etc.

7. Teach

Giving appropriate visualization and self-healing homework to people.
Meditations and inner exercises to complement our healing work.

  •  Module 1 for personal transformation is available as a live 2-day training in North America and around the globe, depending on Dr. Asa's travel schedule.
  • Our Online Training is in the works and will be available in OCTOBER, 2020.
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