MODULE 3—Elemental Psychology

The Template of the Human Heart & Mind

The 5 Ways of Power is the an elegant and accurate system of human understanding that reflects who we really are, and how we are put together. It is based on a core of the oldest continuous ideas in human history, that shaped cultures around the globe for the least 10,000 years and formed the basis of ancient Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Greek, Roman and Middle Eastern medicine and philosophy——echoing down to our own modern, technological world.

At the center of that ancient wisdom is this: Just as all matter is made of basic atoms, protons and electrons, and all DNA is made of just 5 different amino acids, the human mind itself is composed of basic building blocks, from which everything derives. While the ancients used various technical and descriptive terms for these elemental forces of the human psyche, we can give them more contemporary names: Warrior, Ruler, Lover, Creator, and Guru. There is nothing that happens within the mind and emotions that is outside of these five. And conversely, everything that we experience, or that we see in others, can be accurately and elegantly understood through this knowledge.
This system is so "organic" to our human nature that it provides practical methods for

  • Personal power: a real way to access our purpose, life meaning and inner strengths
  • Self-healing: correcting all kinds of mind and body imbalances
  • Decision-making: making sure the whole of us comes up with life solutions.
  • Empowering relationship: clarifying the 5 Ways of Love and compatibility
  • Creativity: accessing our maximum resourcefulness and inventiveness
  • Leadership: Knowing what belongs where, and understanding all the individual needs for the different pieces of the puzzle
  • And many more elegant solutions to all the thorny problems that confront us on our human journey

The 5 Ways of Power lays out a practical roadmap for understanding ourselves and others, providing the opportunity to improve all aspects of our lives—and the lives of those around us.

PILLAR 1—Discover the Missing Self

Beyond clichés and misunderstandings, bad theories and wrong paths, an understanding of our underlying nature, our Essence, is the first and greatest step in becoming whole, healthy and in touch with our basic sanity. But most are trapped in layers of Persona, the False Self, aided and abetting by a society and culture that thrives on persona-based lifestyles, thought patterns, and compliance.

PILLAR 2—Power, Loss & Shadow...

The whole of human psychology, the good, the bad and ugly, can be understood through the 5 inner powers, the 5 kinds of Loss and the 5 forms of Shadow.

PILLAR 3—The Pentad Mind

The next level beyond mainstream Mindfulness, Dr Asa is the pioneer of Level 3 Elemental Mindfulness—the Diamond Vehicle— and the journey from the false self of Loss and Shadow to true Inner Power.

Elemental Mindfulness Cover