The 5 Element Continuum

The Five Elements are our home. There is nowhere else to run, and nowhere else to play. It is there that we make our stand, go on our search, find our way, lose our way. There we have our families, lead our lives, from cradle to grave. They are our hope and also our source of fear. In them we find our greatest love, create our masterpiece, achieve the impossible dream, master our domain, and come home to wisdom. But losing connection with them, we find our failure, our depth of despair, our dead end. Entering their shadow, that false substitute for our forgotten core, leads to a world that is disempowering and false, the path of manipulation and greed. Their purity leads us to a mind of freedom, compassion, and power and a body that is truly a temple of the soul.

The Ancient Core

The 5 elements form the basis of spiritual and healing systems that span the globe over a period of over 5,000 years. Though its origins are lost in time, its cradle was in civilizations of ancient India, Egypt, Persia and Mesopotamia. This knowledge travelled to classical Greece, ancient Rome, and became well established in the European and Middle Eastern traditions. The great medical systems of of these widespread cultures, as well as hidden alchemical and shamanic traditions, all used the 5 elements as the basis of diagnosis and treatment. The knowledge of these methods, used by tens of millions of scholars, spiritual leaders, teachers, gurus and healing practitioners, has been scattered across the tumult of centuries and cultural shifts. Yet the essence of this powerful and accurate approach to mind-body healing has remained.

Element Evolution

Reuniting the Streams

Now the pieces of this ancient puzzle have finally been gathered back together into a workable and integrated whole. Through 40 years of travel, research, meditation, study of Tibetan texts, and application within  his  healing practice, Dr Hershoff has synthesized these ancient 5 element technologies into a highly accessible and practical healing system.  A powerful method of both self-healing and healing others, it can be used as a stand-alone approach. But it can also greatly increase the effectiveness of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong, Shamanic healing, Eastern or Western massage, Therapeutic Touch, or any other methods of working with the physical, psychological and spiritual energies that are the real basis of imbalances and disharmony. It is also an excellent addition to body-centered psychotherapy; Indeed, any form of mindfulness or meditation practice can be taken to the next level using 5 Element Energy Healing.